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VEX Robotics Gear Racers

VEX Robotics Gear Racers

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Build two Gear Racers™ from over 180 VEX® Robotics Pieces!

This construction kit challenges you to not only Build Genius™, but also build two pull back VEX® Robotics Gear Racers™ at the same time! These Gear Racers teach you about how machines convert potential energy into kinetic energy, while the multiple gear ratios teach you about the fundamental principles behind speed and torque. Pull back and release the fun with the VEX® Robotics Gear Racers™ by HEXBUG®.

VEX Robotics Gear Racers is compliant with CPSIA standards. Ages 8+


Kids can now experience the fun of building their own speedy robot-inspired cars with VEX® Robotics Gear Racers by HEXBUG®! Gear Racers™ work by pulling back the car and the resistance lever raises to generate tension from the rubber bands.

The VEX® Robotics Gear Racers include multiple gear sets, rubber bands, wheels and all the pieces needed to build two power racers! HEXBUG® believes in using the fun of robotic toys to teach kids important STEM principles through hands on learning.

The VEX® Robotics Gear Racers feature two alternate builds for more robotic fun! All Gear Racers™ construction pieces are compatible with educational VEX® IQ pieces to create your own custom VEX® robot and explore unlimited possibilities.

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