Robo Roundup: VEX Robotics Minotaur by HEXBUG

Build a real-working version of a fan favorite bot from the BattleBots television series! The VEX Robotics Minotaur By HEXBUG allows kids to step into the shoes of real BattleBots engineers and invent new ways to battle in the arena and conquer all. Use snap-together pieces to assemble a miniature version of Minotaur. Move this robot’s wheels back and forward and watch it’s rolling drum spinner spin! Intended as an entryway to STEM, this toy aims to curate an engineer’s mentality through an effective play pattern. Learn creative problem-solving skills by building this one-of-a-kind construction set.
Made from over 345 pieces, this kit holds true to VEX Robotics’ staple tool-less assembly, compatible with the VEX IQ snap-together platform. Also available, is the VEX Robotics Tombstone By HEXBUG. Build both robots and hold a high-octane robot battle of your very own. It’s like watching the TV show come to life right in front of your eyes! The VEX Robotics Minotaur By HEXBUG is $39.99 at hexbug.com.Click HERE to check out the VEX Robotics Minotaur By HEXBUG!

We’re honored to announce that the VEX Robotics Minotaur By HEXBUG is nominated for “Construction Toy of the Year”. Click HERE to vote for it!