HEXBUG DIY nano Holiday Ornament

Everyone has a favorite Christmas ornament. Maybe you’ve had it since you were little, or maybe it was given to you by a relative or friend? Most of our favorite ornaments have sentimental stories behind them. Gift a one-of-a-kind bauble this holiday season to a tech-lover in your life with a HEXBUG DIY nano Ornament. This affordable and easy craft is a lot of fun and takes under thirty minutes to complete. Read along below and follow the steps to create your very own!

Before you begin: We advise that you ask for an adult’s assistance when handling glass ornaments if needed.

Materials Needed:

Select an empty bauble. Undo the top by squeezing the wire prongs inward (ask an adult for help if needed).

Open your assortment of bells. You can use any color you wish for the filler, we used red, green, and gold.

Take your nano bugs out of their packaging and gently slide them through the top opening of your ornament. You can use just one, or more if you like!

Close the bauble by resealing it with the top. Use an ornament hook or festive ribbon to hang it up on your tree in the perfect spot!

Show off  HEXBUG nano ornament creation! Share your results! Use the hashtag “#HEXDIY” and tag us in your photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!