12 Deals of HEXMAS 2017

The holidays are here, and so are the deals! The 12 Deals of HEXMAS are upon us. Each one of our 12 unique bundles feature fan-favorite HEXBUG toys like BattleBots, nano Space and Nitro Circus! With savings up to 50% off of the original value, these prices can’t be beat. Skip the lines, stay at home, shop online, save big. Read along below and take part in some of the best sales of the season!

Visions of VEX Explorers
Special Price $24.99 (Regular $55.00)
Open up a little adventure on Christmas morning with the VEX Explorers. Each of the four distinct sets allows you to build a realistic version of a real-life space vehicle or machine. Pick your favorite astronaut figurine (included) and blast off into a yuletide space odyssey!

Have Yourself a Nitro Little Circus
Special Price $59.99 (Regular $120.00)
You think flying around the world in one night is impressive? Try flying down the Giganta Ramp! Make your own crazy stunts with HEXBUG Nitro Circus toys! See Christmas magic right before your eyes with the HEXBUG Nitro Circus App. Add real-time AR special effects to your stunts, like spotlights and fire. Save videos of each crazy trick and share them with friends.

Give the Gift of Gladiators
Special Price $68.99 (Regular $106.00)
Build a robot your way, and hold epic duels with HEXBUG Gladiators. Create a winning strategy by formulating the perfect combination of snap-on armor and weapons. Then, go head-to-head in the Gladiators Arena or Gladiators Stadium. First robot who falls off the platform gets coal for Christmas (kidding). Swap armor and battle all over again!

Battle Ground Wonderland
Special Price $74.99 (Regular $150.00)
In the meadow, we can build a bunker! Fight with I/R light using the HEXBUG Battle Ground line. Take to the Battle Ground Bunker with both Battle Ground Tarantulas and Spiders.  Use your four-channel remotes to switch frequencies between bots to wield a futuristic army of robots!

Mechanicals & Mistletoe
Special Price $74.99 (Regular $165.00)
Make this year a creepy and crawly Christmas, with HEXBUG Mechanicals. Battle Spider 2.0, Beetle, Fire Ant, and more! Autonomous and R/C insects are fun for everyone. Watch family members young and old become completely mesmerized by their high-speed, lifelike antics!

Peace on Earth, and nano Space
Special Price $83.99 (Regular $120.00)
Good tidings we bring to you, mission control — as you embark on your nano Space exploration! Combine three unique playsets and watch nano traverse throughout the interactive environments. Speed down the zip line, autonomously drive the rover and soar through space aboard the rocket ship! Imagination awaits!

‘Twas the Night of nano Nitro
Special Price $68.99 (Regular $126.00)
nano Nitro are amazing little bugs. Using vibrating technology they skitter across a multitude of surfaces! Durable and fast, these toys unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The nano Nitro Habitat and Slingshot are the perfect places to test the capabilities of these critters. nano Nitro can even vertically climb up and down tubes, making Santa’s venture down the chimney look a lot less remarkable. Sorry Santa.

Wrapped Up in VEX Robotics
Special Price $77.99 (Regular $130.00)
STEM kits so cool, not even Santa’s brightest elves could think of this stuff! The VEX Robotics line of snap-together construction kits are a blast! Not only are they fun because of their bright colors and unique play patterns, they teach kids to think like junior engineers. Construct fan-favorite BattleBots Minotaur and Tombstone, blast foes with the VEX Robotics SwitchGrip and watch a paper airplane soar, with the VEX Robotics Crossfire Airplane Launcher!

BattleBots Are Coming to Town
Special Price $126.99 (Regular $170.00)
They’re making a list and checking it twice (you don’t want to be on it). The HEXBUG BattleBots are ferocious, even at Christmastime. Bite Force, Minotaur, Witch Doctor, all your favorites from the television series are included with hyper-realism. Push Strike BattleBots are perfect for your desk at work, Clutch and Clash feature tethered-handle action, and the RC BattleBots are in a league all their own. Detachable armor allows you to see the inner workings and learn about how the robots function!

Rockin’ Around the BattleBots
Special Price $150.99 (Regular $190.00)
Forget about Santa’s presents, go after the BattleBots Giant Nut this year. Be in it to win it, with HEXBUG BattleBots. Explore the BattleBots Arena, realistic deco, real-working pulverizing hammers, and a protective plastic “glass” that shields the audience! Use the three types of BattleBots, Clutch and Clash, RC, and Push Strike to recreate your favorite scenes from the TV show! Admittedly these robots are “naughty list” material for life, but we love ’em anyways.

Special Price $136.99 (Regular $228.00)
Got a holiday Scrooge or two in your life? They are no match for the laughter and fun of a brand-new HEXBUG collection. Dive head first into this fan-favorite assortment of HEXBUG micro robotic creatures! BattleBots, Mechanicals, nano Space, Nitro Circus, and more! Plus, you’ll receive three packs of batteries to make sure holiday cheer stays going strong!

I’m Dreaming of a BattleBots Christmas
Special Price $190.99 (Regular $240.00)
It’s the greatest time of the year, but it’s also robot-fighting time! Let us all enjoy both, simultaneously! Construct your very own replicas of Tombstone and Minotaur with VEX Robotics BattleBots. Take to the BattleBots Arena with all four RC robots (Beta, Minotaur, Tombstone, Witch Doctor), and battle to the bitter end. RC bots feature snap off armor and translucent inner workings, so you can see the science behind the toy! Arena comes with realistic floorboard, pulverizing hammers, and protective outer panels.

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