Creature Feature: Battle Ground Tarantula

Take the Battle Ground Bunker by storm, with the HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula! “Seeing this robot come to life is like being thrust into the midst of your favorite science fiction film—you won’t believe your eyes!” Available in either blue or orange, the Tarantula is decked out in futuristic battle hardened deco. Watch it take on an opponent with its unique combat weapon – light! This feature separates the Battle Ground line from all other toys. Fighting with infrared light allows you to shoot invisible lasers at any and all threats. Hi-tech sensors measure every hit, making every duel a high-stakes game of tag. Use your I/R remote control to carefully maneuver your bot into any war zone and prove yourself to be the most fearsome opponent of all.

Using the Tarantula’s four-channel remote you can switch between multiple robots and command an army of your own. Have a face-off between the HEXBUG Battle Ground Spiders and Tarantulas and let the clash of creepy crawlers commence. “Take to countertops, tables, gravel—these robots can fight anywhere. The only limit for a battle venue is your imagination!”

Created by HEXBUG engineers, this robot doubles as an educational tool. HEXBUG toys inspire kids to become involved in the science behind the toy and ask important “why-based” questions. “What is infrared light?” “How do you robots move?” These broad engineer-minded inquiries set kids on an explorative pathway to learn through the act of playing. The HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula is $29.99 at hexbug.com.

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