HEXBUG Black Friday 2017: Exclusive Deals & Savings

HEXHUB is your one-stop destination for HEXBUG Black Friday deals! 

Skip the crowds this year and discover where the true savings are, online! Five exclusive HEXBUG bundles are guaranteed to help you bring home more bang for your buck. Read along below to check out the contents of each bundle. These Black Friday deals won’t last for long, be sure to put a little bit of STEM under your Christmas tree this year, with HEXBUG!

HEXBUG VEX Robotics Snap into STEM!
Send paper planes soaring through the air with the VEX Robotics Crossfire Airplane Launcher or rapid-fire projectiles over 20 feet with the VEX Robotics SwitchGrip. These unique gifts promote hands-on learning and act as a great entryway into the world of STEM!

HEXBUG Gladiators Armor Up and Conquer!
Mix creativity and strategy together to create your dream HEXBUG Gladiator and put it to the test. Watch these five sparring bugs go into combat mode and see who reigns victorious!

HEXBUG Nitro Circus Stunt Spectacular!
Launching these crazy stunt toys will be the hit of Christmas morning! See wacky tricks come to life with HEXBUG Nitro Circus and the HEXBUG Nitro Circus App. Send each character down the Giganta Ramp – will they wipe out or stick the perfect landing? You decide! 

HEXBUG nano Space Zero Gravity Gifts!
Mission control, this is a perfect Christmas gift, do you copy? Fun for everyone, the nano Space line brings the rigors outer space home to you and your family. Discover the many interactive playset features as these tiny robotic bugs interact with their surroundings.

HEXBUG BattleBots Brawl!
Hold robot battles whenever your heart desires! The highly-realistic BattleBots Arena is an almost exact replica of its television counterpart. Now throw in some of the deadliest RC robots you’ve ever seen, and you’ve got the ultimate holiday party on your hands.