HEXBUG DIY Holiday XL Mechanical Decals

We fa la la la love hands-on DIY projects here at HEXBUG. The Christmas season is time spent with family, which provides an awesome opportunity to make keepsake crafts and lifelong memories together.

HEXBUG XL Mechanicals are the incredibly realistic Scarabs and Spiders that you bring to life with a remote control! Watch them skitter across the floor at an ugly sweater party, or spook a sibling writing a letter to Santa! No matter how you use them – they’re loads of STEM-based fun. In this HEXHUB DIY, we’ll teach you how to dress these bugs in their yuletide best using exclusive holiday skins. Designs include: Santa Claus, Snowman, Elf, Gingerbread Cookie and Penguin. Select a character motif, print and adhere these cheerful costumes to your favorite robotic bug. We even feature a blank skin so you can design a festive look all of your own!

Before you begin: You may need an adult’s help with cutting and printing.

Materials Needed:

STEP 1: Load your printer with Staples sticker paper. Make sure it’s in correctly; this will be the basis of your DIY decal.

STEP 2: Download Christmas Decal PDF and select which skin is your favorite. Don’t worry too much about choosing a single design to print – there should be enough paper to make more than one, if you change your mind later.

STEP 3: Ask an adult if you need assistance and use scissors to carefully cut out your desired design.

STEP 4: Cut along the dotted lines as featured above, so your decal lays perfectly flat.

STEP 5: Peel your design from its paper backing and apply it to your Scarab or Spider Mechanical.

STEP 6: Share your results! Use the hashtag “#HEXDIY” and tag us in your photo on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

*** Download Holiday Decals CLICK HERE! ***