Guest Blog: Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots

Written by Julia, senior editor for

Every day our team works with some of the best toys of the month, the year, and of all time. We’re driven by the passion that the people in the toy industry have (ours included.) Children’s toys embody creativity. People pour their ingenuity, passion, and inspiration into the toys they create. It’s a really neat thing to see.

Once in a while we have a toy come along that really jumps out at us. Recently, it was Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots. We were at the annual New York City Toy Fair when we first saw them, and we were hooked-they stood out as one of the best toys of 2012 by a long shot so far. Since then we’ve been driven to write many a review on them, do tons of research on their world, and of course, embark upon a journey to create videos that capture the extraordinary character behind their products.

We have a little “office gang” at our workplace which consists of three ferrets, named respectively from oldest to youngest, Arwyn, Frodo, and Gus. They’re pretty strange and entertaining little fellows, and when we got our first set of Bobble Bots to review, it didn’t take too long to put two and two together.

There were the ‘Bots, buzzing around their gardens and Gross-ery store, vibrating all over the place and blissfully enjoying their replica of Monstro City, and there was Frodo, trying to grab one and drag it off and stash it away (I think it might have been Bobble Bots Moshling #57, Honey). It clicked, and our first video “Bobble Bots versus Ferrets” was born.

Each Bobble Bot has its own name, personality, and little quirks, so it’s easy to dream up endless possibilities for them. There are a million stories yet to be told about them, and it wasn’t long after the ferret video that we got an opportunity to tap into their world once again. D.J. Quack (Bobble Bot Moshling #13) had arrived to stir up Monstro City with his rad tunes, and we were to have the honor of filming the Bobble Bots Bash.

The way the ‘Bots move make it really easy to envision them dancing around (I should mention they’re really good at breakdancing in particular) and it was once again the character and personality behind each Moshling that inspired us to make the video as we did- lively, loud and engaging.

We see so many toys pass through our office that when one stands out like the Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots it’s kind of a big deal. We’re still just scratching the surface on how neat they really are-the ‘Bots have all the components of an epic toy. The passionate creativity behind them is as obvious when you look at one as the number printed on its side.


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