HEXBUG Nano Zip Line Starter Set Featured on DadDoes.com

DadDoes.com has featured the HEXBUG Nano Zip Line Starter Set:

HEXBUG toys are very popular with kids today. In fact the HEXBUG Habitat has won a Toy of the Year (TOTY) for the last two consecutive years. Now, the HEXBUG Nano gets a little more daring with the addition of theĀ HEXBUG Nano Zip Line Starter Set.

The Zip Line set allows Nano HEXBUGs to wear a special clip on backpack and then slide down a zipline. The great part is, one does not need to put the Nano on the zip line or take him off, it all happens automatically. When the HEXBUG reaches a zip line, it just clips to the line and slides down. When it reaches the bottom, it just slides right off the zip line.

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