HEXBUG featured on Life of an Architect Blog

Bob Borson features a charitable HEXBUG donation to his bug themed playhouse project on his Life of an Architect Blog:

Have you ever heard of HEXBUG? If you are a parent with a child between the ages of 6 and 15 I can almost guarantee that you have. HEXBUG are small robotic toys that have a bug theme to them – and they are super cool.

As you may have seen recently, I designed a bug themed playhouse for charity. Just a few days before it was ready for delivery, it dawned on me that I was missing out on a great opportunity. It seems pretty obvious now that I would but bugs in my bug house …. It just so happens that my office is currently designing a house for the guy who invented these things – Bob Mimlitch. Once the light bulb went off, I called Bob M. and asked if he would be willing to throw a few of his creations in so that I could make some lucky kid even happier for winning my playhouse. Not only did he say yes, he outfitted me with a bajillion of these creations.

View the entire blog post here.

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