HEXBUG Nano Review and Giveaway!

Steals, Deals & Life has a review of the HEXBUG Nano and Habitat Set and is giving away a HEXBUG Nano:

I have three little girls and my older two are pretty girly when it comes to  certain things, however that doesn’t stop them from playing outside and they definitely don’t mind getting dirty. In fact my three year old has an obsession with BUGS! Anything and EVERTHING bugs she loves! Just about everything she got for Christmas this year was bug themed. Of course having girls is my thing, I’m definitely not a want to go outside and get dirty kind of girl and when my daughter wants to touch all the bugs outside (especially the slugs) it grosses me out so I was extremely excited when HEXBUG offered to send me some of their products to try out!

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8 Responses to “HEXBUG Nano Review and Giveaway!”

  1. Julian Says:

    Hexbug nanos are my #1 favorite toys in the world. i play with them 24/7/365!

  2. melissa Says:

    they are so cool when they move

  3. Lori Hughes Says:

    I never heard of Hex Bugs,my son got me one for my birthday : ) I LOVE IT I went to the store and got as many as I could,I cant stop I’m addicted. It just shows you that your never too old too play with these. I bring them to work with me. Just about every where I go. Cant wait to see them all!!!

  4. Zay Says:

    Hex bugs are super cool and creative I always like robots

  5. justin gillis Says:

    I love hexbug nanos I wish I cud have all of the sets because the vibrate and move arround like nuts I don’t have any track and I want some badly because I have a birthday coming up and its hexbug themed!

  6. emily Says:

    they are so awsome i have the remote controld spider!!!!!


  7. Billy Says:

    My daughters 10 & 11 just seen the comercial this morning on cartoon network, they both love collecting bugs as well but I don’t let them come into the house with them. And if I could suggest that you can call one of your products the infe’station that would be awsome!

  8. danny bermeo Says:

    i love hexbugs i have the habitat set and me and my cousin always make new track designs. my favorite set is the brand new hive set. please pick me as the winner