HEXBUG Featured on TMC Info Tech Spotlight

HEXBUG was recently featured in an article on TMC’s Info Tech Spotlight.

I was enjoying a busy day of holiday shopping at the local mall when I walked by an intriguing display full of robotic bugs. Since I am something of a techie and also the office expert on Robobees, I decided to do a closer inspection.

The robotic bugs, called HEXBUGS, are marketed as “Micro Robotic Creatures,” and are sold by Innovation First Labs, Inc.. And I am not the only one who finds HEXBUGS kind of cool – the product earned slot number seven on Dr Toy’s Ten Best Children’s Products of 2010 list.

The battery-powered HEXBUGS come in a variety of different options, including an inchworm, crab, ant, nano and original models. They are equipped with sensors that allow them to react to light, sound and of course… one and other.

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3 Responses to “HEXBUG Featured on TMC Info Tech Spotlight”

  1. Evann Says:

    spider looks so cool i wish i had 1

  2. Jess Olivieri Says:

    So my daughter loves toys that are techie, today, Easter 2011 she recieved one in her easter basket from the bunny (me). The Spider looks really nice and will walk forward and in reverse and the head operates as a turret. The body walks in the direction the head faces. BUT, the entire mechanism LOCKS UP about every 45 seconds of play. Sometimes turning the head will unlock it, other times moving the legs will. Sometimes nothing works. We spend more time trying to get it to work than playing with it. I can’t recommend this. I also am pretty sure this post will never see the light of day. But hey, at least Innovation First knows that I’m not buying or recommending this product again. I’ll return it to Target tommorrow, if that replacement doesn’t work I’ll be posting a lot of negative comments everywhere I can. Honestly I’m hoping I’m wrong……what do ya think? Stay tuned.

  3. rickyq Says:


    We hope your replacement Spider worked for you.

    Contact info@hexbug.com if that wasn’t the case.

    The HEXBUG Team