Mummy and Daddy Bloggers Love HEXBUG Nano!

The Hexbug Nano has been busy in the run up to Christmas and is swarming into the hands of Mummy and Daddy bloggers across the UK and of course they are loving the little critter!

Here is just a snippet of their opinons on our beloved Nano.
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“About 0.3 seconds after taking the first HEXBUG out of the packet Jake was full on ‘OH WOW’ and ‘OH MY GOD THESE ARE BRILLIANT'”
I am Typecast

 “I think it goes without saying that these (Nano) were a huge hit with us!”
(Mostly) Yummy Mummy

“They are definitely a unique toy”

“They look like proper bugs, especially the black one…shudder!”
Mummy Reviews

“I can confirm that they are truely addictive!”
Whimsical Wife

“It was mesmerising”
Sandy Calico Reviews

“Hexbugs are the latest must have gadget for kids”
So Feminine

“The Hexbug Nanos are a hit. The 4 year old in particular has has become rather fond of the black one”
Are We Nearly There Yet

“The first thing you need to know is that they’re (Nano) set to be one of this Christmas’ biggest crazes”

“They are just too amazing to be creepy…more cute”
Given to Distracting Others

“I have never seen a toy keep two children amused for so long”
Cooking, Cakes and Children

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