Help the vote for HEXBUG and win!

HEXBUG Nano has been nominated for a People’s Play Award in the Tech Toys category by Time to Play magazine and we need your votes to help us win!

Voting is taking place at

Help us spread the word by retweeting the voting link we are posting on Twitter everyday and you’ll have a chance to win.

Everyone that retweets the message has a chance at winning a HEXBUG Nano (one winner per day, starting October 5) and one grand prize winner of a HEXBUG Nano Habitat set will be chosen on November 29, the last day of voting.

Start voting and spreading the word for your chance to win!

18 Responses to “Help the vote for HEXBUG and win!”

  1. Peyton Haag Says:

    Hey Innovation First Inc. Just wanted to say I love all of the HEXBUG critters! My favorite is the NANO! It is so cool how it is powered by vibration! Nicely developed!
    I have been retweeting all of your tweets all day now and I really hope I win!! Can we win more than once?

    I ♥ HEXBUGS!

  2. Peyton Haag Says:

    When will the winners be chosen??? I have been on your profile each day and their is nothing to retweet! Please tell me soon I want to win!!

  3. halash hugo Says:

    what exacly the person that make a vote how be chosen?ramdo or what you let me now

  4. halash hugo Says:

    sorry i mean random

  5. rags Says:

    when will the winners be chosse i love these hexbug nano

  6. Nolan Says:

    Hexbugs are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. valentin Says:


  8. valentin Says:


  9. valentin Says:


  10. valentin Says:

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hi DENNIS

  11. valentin Says:

    DENNIS IS THIS WEIRD HUH HUH HUH???????????????????

  12. ian Says:

    my favorite is the nano

  13. BEN Says:

    this little thing is so much fun and im 10 YEARS OLD!!!My two year old sister actually think its alive!

  14. Hunjik Says:

    Hex bug nanos are awesome

  15. JohnnyBotz Says:

    Just got a nano for my daughter and through out the code to register it. Is there another way?
    I really like it.I am more excited about it than my six year daughter.

  16. JohnnyBotz Says:

    sorry I meant threw out……….:-)

  17. erik016 Says:

    I just got my first hexbug nano to day. I got it in the starter set Its very awesome.

  18. EPICHEXBUG Says: