New HEXBUG Nano Habitat Sets Now Available!

It’s official, three new HEXBUG Nano Habitat Sets have begun hitting stores as well as

Information on Bridge Battle, Elevation and Raceway can all be viewed on the Nano product page at

Also, check out the new HEXBUG Nano Bridge Battle Habitat Set commercial that hit the airwaves this week:

8 Responses to “New HEXBUG Nano Habitat Sets Now Available!”

  1. will Says:

    where do you get them

    can you get them in the uk

  2. Rachel Says:

    same question as Will, can you get them in the UK? If not, why not?

  3. Sean Says:

    I really want the “Hexbug brigde battel habitat” for Christmas but it’s not in the UK cause my mum was going to buy it but it said she wasn’t aloud.

  4. Miguel Says:

    Can You get them in hoboken’s Radio Shack 07030 NJ

  5. Miguel Says:

    If so for how much

  6. Miguel Says:

    By the way my Hexbug nano black which by the way is going in circles I would like to get it fix?
    how can i fix it

  7. Lochie02 Says:

    i got bridge battle on ebay but can u get elevation and raceway in australia P.S HEXBUGS RULE!!!!!!

  8. Tiana Says:

    my hexbug nano keeps going in circles, do you know how i can fix it ??