Hot New Toy For This Holiday Season: HEXBUG Micro Robots

HEXBUG Nanos were featured on AOL Shopping’s Blog:

The latest fad in our house for my two boys are these¬†HEXBUG Nanos. They are basically robotic toys – small robots shaped to look and act like a bug does. Turn them on and they shake and move just as you would expect a little bug to. You can buy accessory habitats for them with doors you can open and close that they will zip around in…This is definitely a hot one for the holiday season for the 5 and up crowd.

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2 Responses to “Hot New Toy For This Holiday Season: HEXBUG Micro Robots”

  1. colin kearns Says:

    i have a hexbug nano today! i love it so much

  2. Jake Ryons Says:

    i love my HexBug Nano for some creepy reason i gave it a name (Nano) and when ever i say it it comes back to me. Creepy Right?