Hexbug Nano’s make their TV debut in Germany

The Hexbug Nano’s will be making their TV advertising debut in Germany when they hit the Nickelodeon airways this summer. The 30 second advert was created in the US by White Dwarf and has been updated for the German market by UK Company White Noise Productions. The airtime package was provided by UK media buying agency Media Clarity.

The 2 week campaign has been split into one week slots starting 23rd August and 6th September and is a first for Hexbug’s creators Innovation First in Germany. Ian Laugher, European Managing Director comments: “The Nano’s are fun gadgets for kids, and this advert reflects that perfectly, it’s been very well received in the US and the UK and we feel it’s an ideal match for the Nickelodeon channel in Germany”

The advert features eleven children playing with the tiny robotic bugs. The Hexbug Nano has 12 legs, will move in any direction and with a self righting mechanism it can flip back the right way if it rolls over onto its back. One Nano on the move is an impressive sight but throw more into the mix and it becomes a swarm; they interact and literally bounce of each other. Also featured is the Nano habitat; hexagonal pods and easily connecting straight and curved bridges to create mazes.

Available in five colours; green, blue, red, orange and purple, the HEXBUG Nano is sold individually in its own ‘test tube’ container. The Nano is the latest product in the HEXBUG range joining the Original, Inchworm, Crab and Ant. Prices start from €11.24 and are available to buy online or from stockists throughout Germany.

The advert is available to view here

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  1. Matti Says:

    Nano is a beutiful mini robot! I like nano robot!!!