Win a HEXBUG Nano from Sweeps4Bloggers!

Sweeps4Bloggers is giving away a HEXBUG Nano to 2 lucky people!

You can enter by commenting on their review about the Nanos, and can earn extra entries by completing certain tasks.

Full details are available on their blog.

21 Responses to “Win a HEXBUG Nano from Sweeps4Bloggers!”

  1. evilscientist18 Says:

    i luv nanos but plse could u make them a bit cheaper?

  2. anthony Says:

    my name is anthony and I love hex bugs!

  3. Denise G Says:


  4. Owen Turner Says:

    I love my hexbug! My mom and dad got it for my birthday yesterday and my little brother and sister laugh when it runs around it’s home. : )

  5. Oliver Says:

    i love the NANO’s! i have only just got the starter pack today and am planning on going out to get loads more! The habitats are so easy to put together and the NANO’s, well they are amazing. The technology used to make them is very interesting.

    Overall, i love them and cant wait to get my hands on more! :)

  6. Sharon Pacheco Says:

    Where can I get these?

  7. Peter Hague Says:

    These are the first Nanobugs i’ve seen. Ther’re great.

  8. Connor Says:

    I think that the hex bug nano’s and the hex bug website is the coolest things in the world. I just found out about them 2 days ago but I can’t stop thinking about getting my first one, but i probly won’t get one because my family doesn’t have alot of money so that is why i’m entering to win this hex bug nano.

  9. javier Says:

    omg i love my hex bugs and i am tryng to get new ones but havnt had the money to get them so i would love to have a new one

  10. javier Says:

    omg i love hex bugs

  11. Gus Says:


  12. Austin Says:

    love them

  13. Grady Says:

    i really love hexbugs.

  14. shawn Says:

    man i really want one i might get a couple for my b-day

  15. Morgan Says:

    My nano hexbug is amazing! my mom found it at a store and decided to try it out, money well spent

  16. Liam Says:

    I love the hexbug nanos. I am just starting out, but am saving up and trying hard to fill up my collection! these things r great gifts for friends and family, and almost I never have to replace the batteries! All the different designs and colors are fun to collect, and right now I am trying to find the purple on from the Newton gravity set. These things are definitely worth it. Try it out!!

  17. Micheal Says:

    Nanos’ look so cool. i would love to have them.

  18. nick Says:

    they are sooo awesome! i have 3. 2 mutations and 1 normal. i realy like hexbug nanos.

  19. Darragh Breslin Says:

    The yellow hexbug nanos are sooooo cooool!

  20. ORSON Says:


  21. Anna Says:

    I heart hem