HEXBUG Nanos and Habitat Set Featured on MillionairePlayboy.com

MillionairePlayboy.com featured the HEXBUG Nano and the Habitat Set in one of their recent podcasts and blog posts:

We have been having a blast playing with the Nanos by Hexbugs. You can play with the Nanos by themselves, or go nuts building elaborate environments with the modular habitat system. The bugs are perfect for kids ages 3 & up, but I’m pretty close to bringing in this habitat to the office.

See the full blog post and video here.

7 Responses to “HEXBUG Nanos and Habitat Set Featured on MillionairePlayboy.com”

  1. Ashlee Gavaghan Says:

    I am thirteen and I have had a blast with these crazy high tec speeding gadgets. My friends have had fun with them for a month now and the nano’s are the best so far. I only have a couple of these crazy fiends but I wish to have more. I hope you create more nano’s or other Hexbugs, keep up the good work!

  2. Lillianna Says:

    i love the hex bugs i have the Ant and the Nano i will get them all after i go on vaction!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  3. Mason Says:

    The origonal was preety sweet but when the inchworm and the crab came out it got better. Now i’m assembling a army of nanos.

  4. Gus Says:

    I love hexbugs!!!!

  5. cuchulainn Says:

    i only just discovered hexbugs but ive been saving up all my money and im going to get five nanos
    there the coolest thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. josh Says:

    i have a green nano

  7. josh Says:

    the nanos are awsome