Cool Gadgets coming soon

MSN Tech & Gadgets include Hexbug Nano in their ‘Cool Gadgets coming soon’

“behave like real bugs, skittering around and flipping themselves over when the need arises.  Why stop at one?  Buy a few handfuls and they act like a swarm. At which point you may want to invest in the Hexbug habitat of pods and bridges to keep them contained and content”

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22 Responses to “Cool Gadgets coming soon”

  1. tyler Says:

    go hex bugs they rule

  2. ryan Says:

    hexbugs are awesomnesssssss

  3. Noah Says:

    Are you guys planning on developing a new hexbug? Cause I think a grasshopper or a spider!

  4. Noah Says:

    would be really cool.

  5. H.F. Supreme Says:

    I think a big flea, a grasshopper, a spider that could sling sticky stuff and use it, and climb, would be awesome!

  6. Ms. Bryant's 2nd period Science Class @SS Says:

    Tony and crew need to develop a robotic worm that molts into a butterfly!! Sulphur Springs Middle School likes your nano’s and the inchworm the best!

  7. JOSEPH Says:

    u should like make a spider,ant,or a fish.make the spider and ant HAVE SUCTION-CUPS and make the fish like fly so u can put it in a bowl and when it flies it moves like a fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) sinserly,fan

  8. mike Says:

    you guys should make a snake you connect nanos all together and make a snake

  9. michael arvidson Says:

    hey! I think you should lower prices on the nano, or maybe even all of them! 😀
    (I’m an extreme fan) Bye! >:0

  10. michael arvidson Says:

    make a new series of nano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

  11. CJ Says:

    I LOVE all of your HexBugs! But the nano is a little costly, don’t you think?

  12. Alex Says:

    Hexbugs are AWESOME!!! I am trying to collect a lot of them and can’t wait for more to come out! Some good ideas would be a worm (that scoots on the ground), a spider, or a jumping grasshopper or cricket…
    Thanks, HexBugFan

  13. Alex Says:

    That would be cool.

  14. zach Says:

    all good ideas but i think nano with pinchers

  15. Reinert Says:

    Hexbug rules, i only have 1 and i use it all the time, im going to buy some more, they are a bit pricey though($7.99 at target stores is te cheapest) so i suggest going to Target stores to get your Hexbug, they also sell the big ones for $11.99 a peice. I hope that was helpful to any customers like me who want cheaper Hexbugs!!!!

  16. Asher Says:

    Hexbugs are so-o-o-o-o awesome ………… even though I don’t have any. What I was thinking was
    to lower the price a-bit(7.99+tax). So pl-l-l-l-l-l-e-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-a-s-s-s-s-e-e-e?

    Your fan,

    I love your Nano’s!!!!

  17. Lindsey Says:

    i think u should make a grasshopper that also jumps that would be sweet!!!!!!!!!

  18. nolan Says:

    i have all of the hexbugs and im just a 7yearoldboy

  19. Lotia Says:

    OMG i totally agree with all the other ppl that there should be a grasshopper that would be WICKED AWESOME. anyway i just got a nano today and it rocks!!!! my friend has an ant so i decided to get a nan cause they are smaller and cheaper

  20. sandy Says:

    My grandson Spider wants a spider hex bug.

  21. jacob hexbug owner Says:

    hexbus are neat figure. I highly recomend to first buy two hexbug origanals and then a big track.If you dont then you can not have battles and those are the best.

    goooooooooooooooooo hexxxxbuggggggggsssssssss

  22. aaron cockram Says:

    i had an idea of a hex bug holl in the wall. the hex bug goes up a ramp and on to another base. Then theres a wall with some hols in, the hex bug nanos fall throu the holl onto another base then lt happens again. To make shure the nanos go thro the holls there will be a stop and go gate at the top of the ramp so the hex bug nanos go throw the holls not back down the ramp.