Toy of the Week: HEXBUGs

The blog ‘How did I ever live without it?’ named HEXBUGs their toy of the week on Saturday, March 6.

There is the Original, which resembles a roach, an inchworm, a crab, and the nano. We have a couple of the nanos. They are pretty cool and always a favorite among E-Rays friends when they come over to play.

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9 Responses to “Toy of the Week: HEXBUGs”

  1. mikkiya Says:

    i have a nano its awesome and also an ant message me so we can make an invention (if possible)

  2. Annika Says:

    Where are the games?I have an purple hexbug. Why are they cost so much? Can they not cost 1 dollar?

  3. 3003333 Says:

    duh they cant be a dollar cause there advanced robo tech . go to http://www.hexbugs .com and read about it

  4. joey Says:


  5. drake Says:

    come on make a fly spy so i can bother my sister ;D

  6. TORI Says:

    make a dragon fly so i can scare my brother

  7. niamh Says:

    i love hexbugs but i hate the small ones

  8. Kaden Says:

    I am planning on getting a crab but they are 15 dollars. I thought they were 7.

  9. Luke the nuke Says:

    You should make a flying hexbug