Another wallet-friendly smart toy at $10 is Hexbug

New York Toy Fair news round up on Yahoo News:

“Another wallet-friendly smart toy starting at 10 dollars is Hexbug, micro-robotic creatures resembling cockroaches, spiders or crabs that respond to touch, sound and even light and are capable of navigating mazes or their own nano habitat set”

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5 Responses to “Another wallet-friendly smart toy at $10 is Hexbug”

  1. Henry Says:

    So cool I want one.

  2. JROD Says:

    I Really Enjoy These Little Guys And Im A Teenager.Its Like A Cockroach That Ate To Much Candy!{saying that in a good way}If Im A Teen And I Like These Than Adults Should To!!

  3. Joe Says:

    I plan on getting at least one per category.

    Though the link to this article is a little misleading.

    The Inchworm, from where I have seen, is listed as $19.99 and I admit that I was a little
    disappointed when I clicked on the link, “Another wallet-friendly smart toy at $10 is Hexbug” and saw that the article was referring to Hexbugs in general and not specifically the Inchworm.

    I still plan on getting this.

  4. Lili Says:

    the only hexbug i’ve seen that’s $10 is the nano [$8 at target]! the others are $15 to $20 dollars!

  5. Grisha Says:

    I like these bugs 😉 i have one nano