Nano & Ant: Creepy crawlers of the future

Engadget visited our booth at the New York Toy Fair and wrote up a quick review along with a bunch of photos.

Okay, so it isn’t as artsy as making gooey bugs in a miniature oven, but HexBug’s little micro-robotic tchotchkes are a good time in their own right. The digital entomologists at HexBugs decided to unleash the new Ant Micro and Nano Newton at New York City’s Toy Fair, and for some peculiar reason we were quite enamored with watching these autonomous, high speed creatures run around the carpeted show floor.

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2 Responses to “Nano & Ant: Creepy crawlers of the future”

  1. elijah israel Says:

    awsome maybe you could have a contest giving 13-100 kids some. and today i got a ant in my easter basket i freaked i loved it!

  2. bob Says:

    how much are the batteries for the ant. Can i get them a price that is reasonable