The Love Bugs

Stuck for an unusual gift this Valentine’s Day?  Why not check out the range of HEXBUGS and send your man a ‘Love Bug’ gift he won’t mind displaying on his desk at work.


The HEXBUG is a robotic creature that can feel its way around sensing objects in its path and avoiding them.  It can ‘hear’ and be controlled by you through a hand clap or loud noise; the sound will literally stop them in their tracks and change direction.


Available in five different shapes and colours – which one best describes your Valentine?


·        Orange (Alpha) – the colour of happiness, creativity and attraction

·        Green (Bravo) – the colour of harmony, fertility and peace

·        Blue (Charlie) – the colour of stability, loyalty and faith

·        Black (Delta) – the colour of elegance, mystery and sophistication

·        Red (Echo) – the colour of passion, desire and love


They make a fun Valentine’s Day gift and make a welcome change from chocolates and cuddly toys!  Buy today at

5 Responses to “The Love Bugs”

  1. Elias Says:


  2. jacob hanning Says:

    happy valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gary Says:

    This ladybug does not work what do i do??? what are the instructions? are they just supposed to work cause mine doesnt :(

  4. nik Says:

    i think you should make a different bug called the love bug also you should make a bug that flies remote control or laser vision/optical sensors

  5. nik Says:

    please accept my thoughts on this it would be so cool