The folks over at iheartrobotics.com have hacked the HEXBUG Nano and added an LED to it.

They’ve got more photos and instructions on their site.

6 Responses to “HEXBUG Nano Hack: LED”

  1. wonderer Says:

    now can you tell me how to do so

  2. Bobcat Says:

    Looks like the addition affected the balance of it a little, since it’s only going in circles, not ‘wandering’.

  3. hi2b2 Says:

    cool! id say that it would be even more cool if you can hack trikes in to it

  4. cj Says:

    if your going to do this, put the light in the back(where the balance wont be affected)…lol

  5. Anomynous Says:

    They should make it like that so then it won’t go in circles, oh and btw– mine keeps on going in circles. Y is that??? Appreciate the help! =).

  6. Hexbug Fanatic Says:

    The reason why it circles is on the site of the instructions. One of the front legs broke, so it is off balance. So, do not complain. Also, I heard this works…