Hexbug Nano + LEGO Duplo = Insane Fun

Check out the story about the Nano and Lego Duplo over on Wired’s GeekDad Blog.

It was interesting to see how he interacted with the Nano. By altering the maze he watched intently how the robot adjusted. He’d coach it saying, “You can do it, Bristlebot!” Or he’d direct it saying, “Go that way!” The robot can’t hear or understand him however, and would just vibrate whichever way it was going to go bouncing off Duplos along the way.

The full story can be found over on Wired’s GeekDad Blog.

4 Responses to “Hexbug Nano + LEGO Duplo = Insane Fun”

  1. EDWIN Says:

    COOL! $_$

  2. christopher Says:

    y is my red hexbug nano is going right insted of straihit sorry my spelling is bad

  3. christopher Says:

    also were can i buy batteries for the hexbug

  4. mark Says:

    its truely awsome but i think it should be less for the nano more like $7.99 but its awsome anyway i got the blue one it is like a little bug that never stops