Youngester: HEXBUG Nano has a great HEXBUG Nano product overview, describing the collectability, online game, and more.

HEXBUG Nano fanatics interested in the lore of science and discovery can visit to earn points by answering science quiz questions, register their collection using the unique serial numbers included inside each test tube style package, and achieve global status and prestige in an online game that requires players to use scientific principles to build their own virtual Nano.

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They’ve also got the Nano featured on their ‘One Photo‘ section, describing more of the Nano experience.

Continuing to pay homage to its scientific heritage, the HEXBUG Nano family will include five unique collections, each named after an accomplished scientist. Each collection will include five distinct series, representing key scientific discoveries realized during the time period of its collection. For example, the Newton Collection, available today, includes Gravity, Orbit, Motion, Calculus and Refraction as its five series. Each Series includes five individual bugs, some of which are common while others are very rare, so collectors will need to be on the lookout for certain high point value creatures. There are also extremely rare bugs known as Mutations, which will appear from time to time. Additional collections and series will be unveiled in 2010.

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