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Joyful Reviews & Giveaways have written a review of the HEXBUG Nano.

This bug was SO much fun. I thought since it was so little it would be a little boring. The bug goes crazy and what I loved is that it hardly ever gets stuck on anything so you don’t have to worry about it and can just watch it in action. My dog went CRAZY over this, he never goes that crazy over anything so it was funny to watch. He loved to chase it around and he never got tired of it.

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One Response to “Joyful Reviews & Giveaways – HEXBUG Nano”

  1. Linda Roelens Says:

    I read Forbes article on the 10 hottest toys of 2009 and was curious about the miniature robots. I looked at your website fully and I’m just wowed. I sent a link to your website in emails to family with the following title “My Xmas Wish”. I hope to get a bunch from Santa. I’m going to the mall tonight to see if Radio Shack has any. Oh gosh… I think I’m pre-addicted to Hex Bugs.