HEXBUG Nano: Classy Mom Approved

The HEXBUG Nano is now Classy Mommy Approved. Blogger Colleen Padilla summarizes her review of the HEXBUG Nano below. Padilla also includes a video of her children interacting with the blue HEXBUG Nano. Click through to see the video.

This HEXBUG Nano is too cool. The package with our little HEXBUG arrived in the mail today for our review and right away when I saw it was actually a little micro sized robotic creature I knew the kids would be very interested. With the flip of a itsy switch this tiny little 1 inch critter was racing around on our hardwood floor. We had the kids convinced it was a real bug as they chased after it and fought over who could touch it first and then touch it again and again. It’s super lightweight at .75 ounces and vibrates in your hands when you hold it – making it seem even more life like. Finally, when Mackenzie overcame her fear and really held it, she noticed the little switch so she began to have an inkling it was part machine instead of a blue stink bug. At a price point of $8, this is one of the most entertaining and coolest toys I’ve seen this season. And Moms will love that it only takes up 1 inch of space. Sold at Toys R Us and Radio Shack or online. Classy Mommy Approved.

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