HEXBUG Nano Review

We received an initial review of the new HEXBUG Nano product line in our inbox this afternoon:

My family loves the new Hexbug Nano robotic bugs! When we set up the starter track and turned on the nine Nanos I thought this would be cute for five minutes and then my 3 and 4 year old boys would be off to find something different, leaving us adults to watch the bugs dash about. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Any game or activity I can engage a 3 and 4 year old boy in for NINETY minutes gets high marks from me. Here’s what our play looked like (yes I said NINETY minutes):

Phase 1 – Squeals of excitement as the bugs were dumped on the table and scurried around like a bunch of, well, bugs. The boys loved the challenge of keeping them on the table; they quickly realized that if a bug ran off the table it would just right itself on the floor and keep on scurrying.

Phase 2 – The track is assembled and ready for the bugs! The kids and adults alike were transfixed as the bugs scampered around the track from one hexagon to the next. This was our observation period. The boys took in a ton of information at this stage as they studied the little creatures’ actions and ‘behavior’. Our kitchen was very quite (except for the bugs) for these moments!

Phase 3 – Cause and effect time! As a mom, I loved watching my boys play and discover how each action they took would affect the bugs’ journey. I could almost see their little brains working as they tried different strategies of manipulating the bugs’ paths by opening and closing the gates on the track. The gates, hexagons and sections of track were easy to use; we rearranged the track layout several times during our play which kept things interesting and made it like a new game each time. We could also arrange the tracks so my two kids could each have their own little dominion that they had full control over. Their own little Nano kingdoms if you will.

In a nutshell, we are big fans. To find a toy that holds both kids’ and adults’ attention alike, while subtly exposing my young kids to different concepts (cause-and-effect, momentum, randomness, etc.) in a fresh way was a huge win.

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4 Responses to “HEXBUG Nano Review”

  1. Paul Says:

    I just got my first one yesterday an I am twelve!!?!?!!
    Totally fuunn!!!!

  2. PhoenixM Says:

    I just bought my first one yesterday and I’m freaking 39! It’s pretty awesome, delivering lots of entertainment value on the cheap.

  3. Tom Says:

    My grandsons have several of the Nanos, and I found one in my stocking this Christmas. They are fun! Our cat likes it too. She follows it everywhere and occasionally tries to catch it. When the kids come to visit, they will have the little starter set and the battle bridge to play with. As an engineer, I’m impressed by the amount of play value from so few parts. We will need to find a cheap source of batteries, I guess.

    Should I demonstrate it to my class “Robotics for Grandparents”?

  4. never say never Says:

    this is like so so awsome