Hexbugs: Toy Fair 2009

Michael at fanboy.com has a nice write-up about the HEXBUG product line ..

I hate insects with a passion but my favorite new toy line of the entire show was Hexbug — this is a collection of actual working robots each of which is equipped with a different type of sensor (light, sound, motion, etc.) which effects how it interacts with you.

Read more: http://www.fanboy.com/2009/02/hexbugs-toy-fair-2009.html

One Response to “Hexbugs: Toy Fair 2009”

  1. Maisha Bayan Says:

    This was my first year attending the Toy Fair and was intrigued by the Hexbugs. I’m not updated on the hottest toys on the market, so the next day at my children’s salon (Zayna’s Cuts for Kids in Pompton Lakes, NJ) I asked a few of the male clients (ages 8+) to look through some of the catalogues I picked up to see what they would be interested in. As soon as they spotted the Hexbugs flyer they animatedly said I “HAVE to get this product line because all the boys HAVE to have them!” Now I cannot wait to display the Hexbugs in my shop!