Stay At Home Mom Answers reviews HEXBUG

SAHMAnswers is the magazine written by Stay at Home Moms giving hopefully one or two answers to get you through the day.  They’ve reviewed the HEXBUG Crab and Inchworm.

Parents who are desperately searching for quality, affordable and fun-loving holiday gift ideas at the very last minute will be thrilled to discover that HEXBUG’s Crab & Inchworm Micro Robotic Creatures provide a great deal of everlasting excitement for children. The affordability of each of these toys is tremendous when taking into consideration that each HEXBUG Micro Robotic Creature retails for under $20.

3 Responses to “Stay At Home Mom Answers reviews HEXBUG”

  1. The Fly Says:

    The Bugz as I like to call them are so frickin’ amazing!!! I bought like 42,000 myself. A for sure must have for this holiday season.

  2. Gammy Says:

    My grand children love “Crabby” and my cats have been having a great time, too. Wish they had “headlights” like little LED’s or something

  3. Go ahead and leave me, I think I prefer to stay inside. Says:

    i love these guys. i bought the crab when i stopped at a radioshack to look around on my way home one day. though the batterys went dead and it falls over when it turns around sometimes. im getting an inchworm soon. and i agree with “Gammy”. l.e.d.s would be pretty cool.