Kids Tech Review on HEXBUG Crab

If you’re looking for something fun and a little different this Holiday season for the tech-oriented kid, consider a HEXBUG. They make a few models, but we really like the latest model, the HEXBUG Crab. It’s a crawling robot bug who seeks out dark places to hide. It comes in five colors and retails for $15. For $15 it’s hard to be disappointed. The little crab moves about reacting to noise and light. Exclusive to Radio Shack, they can be found in most stores and on the Radio Shack site.

3 Responses to “Kids Tech Review on HEXBUG Crab”

  1. jahmar Says:

    its cool and fun

  2. Alyas Karimie Says:

    If you like robot which is micro and can really walk the crab robot is per fect. It uses pager motor and very small gears. the crab walks on it’s six legs just like a real crab. I got mine from DICK AND SMITHS .

  3. Alyas Karimie Says:

    you can have three diffrent micro robots for collection hex bug crab and original. they are seriously cool………………..<<<<>>>>