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HEXBUG featured on 8 Best Gifts under $15

Friday, November 28th, 2008

This seemingly clairvoyant crustacean stops or changes direction when it senses an object in its path or when it “hears” a loud noise like clapping.

Kids Tech Review on HEXBUG Crab

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

If you’re looking for something fun and a little different this Holiday season for the tech-oriented kid, consider a HEXBUG. They make a few models, but we really like the latest model, the HEXBUG Crab. It’s a crawling robot bug who seeks out dark places to hide. It comes in five colors and retails for $15. For $15 it’s hard to be disappointed. The little crab moves about reacting to noise and light. Exclusive to Radio Shack, they can be found in most stores and on the Radio Shack site.

Stocking stuffers: Use the Force

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

The HEXBUG was also included in yesterday’s issue of the Boston Herald

Hexbugs: These microrobotic creatures come in a variety of colors and species – crab or inchworm – and fulfill the remote-control fantasy. $14.99. RadioShack.

New HEXBUG Website!

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Welcome to the new HEXBUG website.  Check back often for news and updates regarding your favorite micro robotic creatures.

HEXBUG wins Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2009 Platinum Award

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

A late arrival–but well worth the wait! These very small robotic creatures delighted our testers both young and old. Available in several colors (our favorite, red!) The Crab has light and sound sensors and will change direction based on both. The Inchworm comes with a small remote control and moves back and forth and in circles…lots of fun to play with. We LOVE that they come loaded and ready to play with right from the start. A great gift for older kids, teens and even grown ups. They make great office toys! The company has signed a verification form complying with our safety requirements. We did not independently test this toy in a lab. Age:  Late School Years, Tweens, Teens, Adults.  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award  2009

Platinum Award Winners 2009: Toys: Toddlers

Charge of the HEXBUGs

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

The HEXBUG product line can have more presence in the classroom than just fundraising for your school group.  Dr. Marsh over at gives some examples of how to use the HEXBUG in the classroom to challenge your students.

Whether you’re a gadget junkie or not, you’ll fall in love with the little micro-robotic creatures called Hexbugs.  The 2.25″ *1.25″* 2.25″ wonders weigh just .038 lbs making them a perfect size to fit right into the palm of your hand. If you turn them on and keep them in your palm, their six little legs will tickle your skin as they try to get out of your hand. As soon as you put them down on a flat surface, they’ll take off wandering wherever they please (except on heavy carpet) until you or your students decide to tame them. -And that’s where the fun comes in.