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HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula

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HEXBUG Battle Ground Tarantula

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Let the epic clash of creepy crawlers commence with the HEXBUG® Battle Tarantula™! Get caught in the web of war, with this I/R remote control sci- battling robot!

Complete with futuristic voice and sound effects and astonishing life-like movements, watch as the tarantula recoils and reacts when hit and shooting. Equipped with battle worn deco armor, the Battle Tarantula actually “res” using high-tech infrared technology. Two player head-to-head action is redened as impact sensors measure each strike, leaving only one robot standing!

Colors are selected randomly at time of shipment based on availability. 

HEXBUG Battle Tarantula (MSRP $29.99) is compliant with CPSIA standards. Batteries included. Available at Amazon and specialty retialers. Ages



A unique, battle-hardened deco and hi-tech life-sensor that measures each hit adds to ultimate battle experience. The eight-legged Tarantula features a power blaster allowing you to stun any opposing battle ground toy. Each Battle Tarantula features a four-channel infrared remote control. The four-channel remote enables the user to operate multiple Battle Ground Tarantula or Spiders independently or at the same time.

  • Contains
    • Unique, battle hardened deco
    • Avaliable in blue and orange 
    • Hi-tech sensor measures each hit
    • Power Blaster
    • Four-channel remote control
    • Batteries included
Additional Information

Additional Information

Choking Hazard Message No
Batteries Included? Yes