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Box Sumo
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DIY Box Sumo

Can’t get enough of those crazy Box Sumo characters? Here’s your chance to jump into the fight! Print out this blank template and create your very own Box Sumo characters, then see how tough they really are! Let your imagination run wild as you decide who’s fighting next!



Want to take your Box Sumo videos to the next level? Download and build one of our storyline environments or
grab a blank piece of paper and design your own! Mix up where you throw down and make your videos a social can’t miss!

Old BoxDonald's Farm Environment

Smoothie Shop Environment

Box Sumo Stadium Environment


Dynamic Props

Make your YouTube videos the ultimate Box Sumo battles with our set filling props. Just download, print, and fold
to build a dynamic set for your Box Sumo fights. Lights, camera, and bring the action!

Old BoxDonald's Farm Dynamic Props

Smoothie Shop Dynamic Props

Box Sumo Stadium Dynamic Props