AquaBot Troubleshooting

Common Problems

does not start runs when out of water does not dive sinks to the bottom leaking water jellyfish and seahorse sinking sinks and never comes up does not know how to change batteries

Changing Batteries

changing batteries angelfish changing batteries clownfish changing batteries hammerhead changing batteries jellyfish changing batteries seahorse changing batteries shark changing batteries wahoo

Still have questions?

  1. How do I turn on my HEXBUG AquaBot?
    To turn on, place in water. When removed from water, the AquaBot will turn off.
    power save mode
  2. How do I change the batteries or open the battery door for my AquaBot?
    Battery change instructions are located in the video section of the AquaBot troubleshooting page or on the individual product pages for each AquaBot.
  3. How do I remove the battery door on my AquaBot Jellyfish?
    You can find battery change instructions in the video section of the AquaBot troubleshooting page or on the individual product pages for each AquaBot.
    The Jellyfish comes with a special tool to aid in removing the battery door. With the rounded end of the tool pointing towards the 'head' of the Jellyfish, find the 'Battery Compartment Lock Release' opening. Align the rounded end of the tool with the large opening in the center of the Jellyfish body, the short extrusion on the bottom of the tool should align with the Battery Compartment Lock Release opening. Apply pressure along the tool and twist the Battery Compartment cap counter clockwise
  4. Battery Safety Tips
    1. Never leave batteries sitting out. Keep all batteries out of a child’s reach, and safely secured away from children.
    2. Do not let a child change or attempt to change batteries. When changing batteries, do so out of a child’s sight.
    3. Do not attempt to pry batteries out of a toy with a metal object.
    4. When storing backup batteries, please ensure that they remain in their original packaging. Wherever backup batteries are stored, do not allow button cell batteries to sit in direct contact with other button cell batteries or metal objects.
    5. Do not leave button cell batteries that have been removed from their packaging laying around.
    6. Properly dispose of batteries that are no longer in use.
  5. Why won’t my AquaBot power on even after a battery change?
    Please ensure the correct type of battery is being used when you replace them. There are several types of batteries which claim they are equivalent, but which will in fact not work properly with our products. Even if the battery does allow the unit to power on, the battery life will be extremely short and the AquaBot will not function to its full potential. The only type of battery which is approved for our products is LR44/AG13 batteries.
  6. Is the remote control for my remote control angelfish waterproof?
    No, the remote control is not waterproof.
  7. Why does my AquaBot not start when placed in water?
    1. Try adding 5 grams of salt per liter of water (or a teaspoon per quart). Why: Sometimes the water is too pure to allow the electrical conductivity required to sense the water.
    2. Try cleaning the water sensing rubber contacts with a piece of cotton soaked with vinegar.
  8. Why does my AquaBot run even though it is not in water?
    The batteries must be replaced. Please refer to the videos AquaBot troubleshooting page or the AquaBot product pages to find the battery change instructions.
  9. Why does my AquaBot sit on the surface and never dive down into the water?
    1. Shake the AquaBot while under water to release air bubbles that are stuck to the body
    2. Clean the top of the fish with soap and water to clean off oil that may have been transferred there from your fingers. Why: Oil causes high surface tension that does not let it dive properly.
  10. Why does my AquaBot sink and never come up?
    Make sure your AquaBot is being powered with HEXBUG batteries as other versions may be too heavy.
  11. Why does my AquaBot Jellyfish or Seahorse sink and not come up?
    The AquaBot Jellyfish and Seahorse now come with weights built into the door that you can remove to set the buoyancy. Refer to the videos on the AquaBot troubleshooting page or the AquaBot product pages for directions on removing the battery door.
  12. Why does my AquaBot sinks and not come up? There is water in the battery compartment.
    1. Check to see if there is water that leaked into the battery compartment. If so, open the door and shake out all the water and use a paper towel to soak up any remaining drops.
    2. When you seal the door, make sure that the silicon rubber seal is properly seated in the door and is not getting squeezed out on the sides.
    3. If it continues to leak, try rubbing a small amount of petroleum jelly or silicone lubricant on the entire seal and carefully install the door again.
    4. If your seal is broken or missing, call us for a replacement.
  13. Why is my AquaBot leaking water into internal compartment?
    Contact HEXBUG for information on obtaining a replacement.
  14. Why does my AquaBot not shut off in water, but it does turn off if taken out of the water?
    With the AquaBot out of the water, wet your fingers slightly and press the contact sensors on either side of the fish 3 times consecutively. The AquaBot should light up and flap its tail briefly to show it has switched operation modes.
  15. Are your products compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008?
    Yes, our HEXBUG product line is compliant; certificates for each bug can be found on our digital assets page at
  16. May I submit a new product idea or concept?
    While we truly appreciate your interest in submitting product ideas, we cannot accept any product ideas, concepts or material submission from consumers. We also do not review them or retain any copies of them, and we do not share them with any of our employees who are involved in product research, design, marketing, or licensing. Rest assured, we have a pipeline of fresh and new ideas currently in various stages of development that we think will keep you excited about our products, and we look forward to releasing new and innovative products in the coming months and years.
  17. What are your ordering, warranty and return policies?
    Visit our policies page to learn more.
  18. Still have questions?
    Contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.
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